Verso Classes

Classes to suit your style

Verso Bars and Bells

Bars & Bells is a class all about reps and technique using barbells, kettlebells & dumbbells. The exercises will strengthen the whole body as well as test muscular endurance.  The instructors will walk you through each exercise and help correct technique to help you to get the most out of each exercise.

This class can be delivered in many ways and will include multiple exercises on each body area. 

Verso Body Burn

A circuit class, which uses HIIT along with resistance training to build, strengthen and burn muscle and improve fitness through a circuit based training session.

Verso Bootcamp

Bootcamp is a functional training style which is specifically designed to challenge the participants physically.  This will include the use of equipment like slamball, battle rope and barbells as well as a variety of bodyweight exercises to test the cardiovascular/muscular endurance systems.  The layout and format of the class is different to your usual circuit classes. 

Verso Boxfit

Boxfit is a class which uses the techniques of boxing as well as general fitness to help clients train in different ways and reach their personal goals.  These classes are delivered mainly in timed rounds format which challenges the body and requires high reps.  This class will also include cardio exercises which will help with fitness and toning like skipping and bodyweight exercises along with boxing techniques. 

Verso HIIT/HIIT and Core

HIIT is High Intensity Interval Training using mainly bodily weight exercises to test your cardiovascular ability.  The instructor may use equipment such as the air bike, treadmill or skierg to help with pushing you to be the best you can be.  Intervals are generally around 30 seconds of work with minimal rest between each.  Hight quantities of intervals are planned into the session as well as makign sure the whole body is worked.  Core will, again, come in the form of finishing exercises designed to help with toning up the body and building core strength.

Verso Core Express

This class is all about core exercises and helping tone your core as well as build up your core muscles in a shorter time than our Killer Core class.

Verso Killer Core

This class is all about core exercises and helping tone your core as well as build up your core muscles.

Verso Ladies Morning

Monday - Friday from 9:30am - 10:15am we have a class specifically for ladies.

The class varies every day and is done to a slightly easier tempo, though you are able to train harder if you wish.  Tt still helps to achieve goals but is also a chance for instructors to work through the training basics as well as still challenge the body. 

Verso Legs, Bums and Tums

This class concentrates on key exercises and movements which help develop, strengthen and condition the legs and glutes.  The class will also include some key core exercises to ensure you get a challenging workout which will help you get stronger, as well as toned. 

Verso Manic/Manic Express

These classes are designed to be our toughest on your cardiovascular system.  They are designed around high tempo bodyweight exercises with very minimal rest between each exercise.  The resistance will come in the form of tank and tyre exercises.  They will hopefully challenge you both mentally and physically.

Manic is 45 minutes and Manic Express is 30 minutes.

Verso Muscle Mass

A class which is designed to focus on specific areas of the body each session.  This will consist of barbell, dumbbell & kettlebell exercises which are all designed to challenge your strength and help promote muscle growth. 

Verso Pump

The use of light/moderate weights with lots of repetition along with step exercises and step cardio makes this class the perfect class for anyone wanting to tone up as well as challenge the whole body.  Using a mix of motivating music and highly trained instructors this class will help you achieve goals quicker than working out alone.  

Verso Spin/Super Spin

Spin classes are delivered by highly energised instructors who have specifically planned an indoor cycle class designed to push your limits as well as create competition for you and the other clients.  It is delivered to fast paced high tempo music.  The class is one of the highest calorie burners and, even though it is designed to be done at the highest tempo, it can be done at your own pace and benefits will still happen. 

Spin is a 30 minute class.  Super Spin is a 45 minute class.

Verso TRX and Core

This style of training uses a suspension training rope, which allows you to perform whole body exercises against your own body weight.  Additional core exercises are incorporated to help increase your core strength and tone your body.  The class is designed to work areas of the body which other conventional training and fitness classes don't work.